Property Security Service

Guardforce offers top property security services with specially designed vaults that comprehensively protect valuables, data tape backups and other articles. In addition, we also supply professional and reliable express delivery service to ensure that valuables are delivered safely and promptly. Our related services include:

1) Guardforce Mobile Safe Service

24 hours, anytime, anywhere

As Hong Kong’s first Mobile Safe Service, customers can store their valuables and have it delivered within 24 hours. This is a customized service designed to meet your demands, and offers a reliable, convenient and worry-free treasury collection solution.

Our experienced and trained security teams deliver personal safe-deposit boxes to designated places, within the stipulated timeframe decided by customers.

Customers may also deposit their valuables in our office safe-deposit boxes.

Convenient and Time-Saving

24-hour service

Delivery of valuables to any designated placed by specially appointed staff

Our service is customized to your needs to save your valuable time

VIP Service

Our customized service plan is adaptable to various requirements

Customer’s information is kept confidential, ensuring privacy

Comprehensive insurance plan provides you a greater financial guarantee

Safe and Reliable

Highly trained and experienced security experts and professional equipment

Our strict monitoring and strong vaults adhere to international security standards

Security teams are supervised by the supervisory authority to ensure highest security standards

How to Apply?

Please call (852) 2765 2883 or email to to contact our customer service director who will deal with your inquiry and application immediatley.

2) Security Inventory 

Security inventory facilities that meet treasury standards

Guardforce has highly safe inventory facilities in Hong Kong that provide leading security storage solutions globally.

Guardforce vault facilities are supervised according to treasury safety standards.

24-hour professional security on duty

Advanced electronic exit monitoring system

Top alarm monitoring system

24 -hour video and closed TV supervision system

As –a comprehensive security solution leader, Guardforce has developed security inventory and distribution regulations to store data tapes, cash coupons, property ownership contracts, credit cards, smart cards, value-stored cards, personal valuables, confidential documents, gold, jewelry, etc.

3) Safe Express Delivery Service  

On-Time Express Delivery

Guardforce safe express delivery service team consists of highly disciplined, reliable, and carefully selected employees.

Our team provides prompt delivery of stocks, checks, documents and data tapes as well as hard disks anywhere in Hong Kong.

4) Tape Management System  

Convenient and fast online tape management

Guardforce’s tape management system (TMS) provides a safe, efficient and reliable online platform where you can search data storage tape records anytime and anywhere.

Through our online platform, customers can browse their inventory records stored in our security database and submit online search order, helping them save time and lower risks.

5) International and Cross-border Escort  

International and Cross-border Escort

Through our subordinate international network, we offer special international transportation risk management service for various valuables such as cash, gold, silver, credit cards, gemstones and jewelry.

We offer customized and flexible door-to-door service or as per customer requirements with comprehensive insurance coverage.

We also offer cross-border security escort service from Hong Kong to Macau and Shenzhen.

6) Integration and Distribution of Valuables  

Offering experienced and professional one-stop solutions

Guardforce offers collection and packaging services covering collection, packaging, storage, distribution and inventory management for phone cards, coupons, cash coupons and other stored value cards.

Our highly experienced team equipped with professional and advanced equipment can satisfy your business needs anytime and anywhere, thereby relieving you from the trouble of additional employee training and equipment, and maximizing your cost-effectiveness.

7) Aviation Security Service

Aviation Security Service

Our aviation security service guarantees aviation safety, prevents illegal activities, and reduces hindrances to aviation activity and passengers.

Our services include aircraft search, personnel and vehicle in/out management at the airport and aircraft, safety inspection, catering, cargo security and 24-hour control room.

8) Aircraft-Related Service

Along with our partners, we strictly follow and adhere to the rules and requirements of airports and airline companies, offering several airport-related services, including luggage cart management, wheelchair services, airline lounge management, airport concierge services, airport call center services and airport cleaning services.

9) Baggage Deposit and Lost & Found Service 

Baggage Deposit Service

We offer baggage deposit service at international airports and other transportation facilities. Our professional team along with our comprehensive monitoring system, guarantee your bags and valuables’ security.

Lost & Found

Our Lost & Found counter is situated in Hong Kong International Airport’s departure hall for customers reporting loss, storing collected property, and for providing lost & found services.