Electronic Security Service

As Asia’s leading security solution provider, we design and sell several advanced electronic security products to provide our customers with additional guarantee and reliability. Our electronic products and services include:

1) Security Alarm System 

High-end alarm system ensures your peace of mind

Guardforce’s alarm system is applicable for commercial housing, residential housing and government agencies. With our advanced technologies and high-end security systems you are assured that your property and valuables are completely safe and well protected.

2) Access Management System 

Advanced access system technologies

Smart cards, biometrics and computer control technologies have been largely used in our security control systems, and are supplied to and installed at high-risk locations.

Our senior security experts assist customers design, install, maintain, upgrade and improve access systems, and help satisfy their various requirements.

3) Closed TV System

Specially designed Closed-circuit TV (CCTV) monitoring plan

We offer a whole range of CCTV products and equipment that completely satisfy the unique demands of all our customers.

From a simple retail store and warehouse monitoring system plan, to comprehensive commercial CCTV systems, our professional advisors and technical team are dedicated to helping customers design, install and maintain a security plan that is best suitable for our customers and makes them feel reassured.

4) Comprehensive Security System 

Highest class multi-layer security

Guardforce’s integrated security alarm, access system and monitoring system, provides a comprehensive security solution that completely fulfills specific business and operation needs of customers.

We design the best and maximum range of security plans for customers with the help of our experienced project management team, security systems, technology and experts.

5) Service and Maintenance  

Periodical maintenance ensures maximum impact

As one of the few security solution experts with excellent human resources, Guardforce provides continuous service and maintenance for security systems, thereby ensuring efficiency and effectiveness of the systems purchased by our customers. Naturally, the security provided by these systems is highly reliable.

We offer services to residential and commercial customers. Highly trained and experienced professionals periodically monitor our systems’ features and performance to ensure their safety and reliability.

6) Security Products and Sales of Electronic Security Products  

Strongly effective and leading security products

Over the years, Guardforce has established strong partnerships with many international security product manufacturers, and introduced many security products including safe-deposit boxes, vault doors, fire-proof vault doors, combined vaults, safe storage systems, fire-proof cabinets, and bullet-proof/collision-proof glass.

As a one-stop special security solution expert, we offer high-tech security products and strong matching hardware to strengthen our specially designed electronic security systems.

Security products and equipment distribution

Based on 40 years of security experience, Guardforce distributes electronic security products and installs equipment for other security companies and customers.

With our businesses in Asia Pacific, we are highly recognized internationally, resulting in a growing distribution scale.

7) Alarm Monitoring

Guardforce’s advanced global monitoring technology and highly professional team ensure highest standards in monitoring services. In the event of any abnormality, our system, technological equipment and response team quickly minimize the negative impact on property, with their quick response.