Facility Management Service

We provide comprehensive equipment management service, maintain commercial or public facilities, help customers lower operation and human resource cost and jointly create a better environment.

1) Facility Cleaning

We offer cleaning services for facilities such as large shopping malls, buildings and business property. Our professional and active team develops highly targeted and regular cleaning service plans to maintain a beautiful and clean environment.

2) Facility Maintenance

Our professional team maintains our customers’ facilities and ensures that they are in the best state. It is especially important for our team to understand security work processes because preventive maintenance guarantees property safety and lowers operation costs better. Our top notch work management systems trace and administer each task.

3) Traffic Control and Parking Lot Management

Our traffic control and parking lot management team keeps customers' traffic areas safe and effective. Our team manages hundreds of traffic management plans and activities each day with the best personal protection equipment (PPE) and training.

4) Green Environment

Dedicated to developing greening plans for our customers, our green environment design team is experienced and professional. They have vast knowledge on beautiful plants that are long-lasting, and best suited for dry regions, and know how to adopt water-saving irrigation methods.